BC Home Owner Mortgage & Equity Partnership

“BC HOME Partnership”

The purpose of this new program, launched January 16, 2017, is to assist First Time Home Buyers meet their obligation for a minimum 5% down payment. This will help enable Buyers enter the market faster; putting your money to work gaining equity rather than losing money to rent every month.

Below you will find a short outline of the BC HOME Partnership loan; we navigate you through more detailed information and the application process, in our instructional video, here.

Contact us today, to answer your questions regarding the BC HOME program or your journey to owning a home.


Eligibility requirements are applicable to all persons on title; to be eligible you must be:

The Property must be:

The Loan

Approval is conditional upon having the first mortgage fully reviewed and approved
  • Default on either 1st or 2nd mortgage
  • Transfer of title / change of ownership (including adding someone to title)
  • No longer your principle residence in the first 5 years

Required Documents

Gather these for EACH applicant; these are required TO APPLY. Only complete applications with ALL supporting documents will be considered!

Watch our video b for below step to step application guide. Once you are pre-approved for the BC HOME Partnership loan, we can start looking for your FIRST HOME!

There are a lot more steps once you get started; be sure to contact us, so you have a team of experts guiding you on your exciting journey to home ownership!

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